Food Preparation

Depending on the pet, they may eat a lot. Food prep can be  tedious and time consuming, or maybe you just want a more varied diet without the extra hassle. 

A varied diet is the spice of life! 

Insectivores - SS&S raises some of our own feeder insects, maybe the insectivores can try something new too! 

Husbandry Consultations

Free phone consultations!  


Most people's lives don't fully revolve around reptiles, let alone trying to keep up with all the new information. Let's talk and I'll help guide you to reliable resources, answer questions and spark new ideas on how to give your pets the best lives. Best of all, any suggestions or changes I give, I'll explain the reasons and details behind why!  My only goal is to help you figure it all out.


 Husbandry consultations are free with use of another service.

In-home visits specific to husbandry talk will be based off  In-home  drive distance. 

Nail Trimmings

Sometimes our birds, small mammals

& even reptiles need a pedicure too. 

Reptile nails:     $10+ 

Bird Grooming:

(Prices vary to size and type of bird)

• Nails $20+     Feathers $20+     

               • Beak $40+ 


Birds done by experienced vet tech* 

We come to your home for bird grooming!

Vet Taxi &

Medical Assistance

$0+ cost for medical assistance such as pills or injections etc.

At SS&S we believe that if you have already taken the steps to get your pet vet care and treatment, that is what is important. Vet care can be costly, we won't charge extra to help them get better! 

Vet Taxi to Appointments - Drop-off or we stay the whole exam and help facilitate care & communication between our client and their vets. *Vet taxi price based on drive distance.

Carol - "Top knotch - I’ve never left my Beardie away from home before. Chelsea was knowledgeable and professional. Won’t hesitate to use her again and highly recommend her."

 Alex - "Chelsea is AWESOME!!! Super experienced, I left my scaled kids for 2 weeks and they were really happy!
Super recommended."  

Elaine -  "It is difficult to find a pet-sitter able to medicate reptiles, especially those that are not socialized. Chelsea did an excellent job and I will definitely use her for my pet-sitting needs in the future."

Cuban rock iguana & Bearded dragon