Pet Boarding 

Fancy Rats &

Dart Frog


Boarding Info:

Cleaning protocols are followed for each boarder. Tanks, bowls, etc. are scrubbed  and soaked in F10 cleaner between uses.


If your pet's enclosure is transportable, you have the option of bringing it or having  SS&S supply the

enclosure / decor / lighting.

- Contact us to discuss your needs!


In most cases  SS&S will provide feeder insects and most herbivore food for no  additional cost. You're welcome  to provide your pets own food.  Rodents or special requests will cost individually.


Book now to ensure your pets spot!


Payment options & Printable PDF 

Care Agreement

can be found on Services page

Green Tree Python &

Ackie Monitor




Enclosure/lighting provided by Owner  . . . . . . . . . 40gal & Under

Per day                             Week                            Monthly                                      $10+                                   $60+                               $200+


Enclosure/lighting provided by Scaled SS . . . . . . . 40gal & Under

Per day                             Week                            Monthly                                      $12+                                  $70+                               $230+


Enclosure/lighting provided by Owner . . . . . . .  Larger than 40gal

Per day                             Week                             Monthly                                      $14+                                 $90+                                 $340+


Enclosure/lighting provided by Scaled SS . . . . .  Larger than 40gal

Per day                             Week                             Monthly            

  $15+                               $100+                              $360+

Boarding more than one pet?

Each pet after 1 gets

10% off their stay!  

    Boarding pets stay in the 'boarding room' at my own home, kept separate from any personal pets.


    Please have enclosures reasonably clean

    before dropping off for boarding. 

    - Deep cleaning services available. 

    If the enclosure has had past issues such as mites please refrain from bringing such enclosures

    for the safety of others. We can provide caging.


    Boarding snakes will be treated for mites on arrival as a precaution.  - Please ask for further details.


    Wood is porous and difficult to fully sanitize and will not be reused between boarders. Owners are welcome to provide their own wood decor supply. 

    Boarding Information

    What should I bring?

    SS&S can typically provide enclosure and other lighting along with decor. Owner supplied and SS&S supplies can be mixed and matched to a point depending on each situation.

    • In most cases food is provided at no extra charge.

    Basic supplies such as misting bottles or supplements are provided by us. 
    Special diets or food welcomed. 

    Book ahead and be prepared!

    Boarding space is limited but can

    accommodate several boarders.

    Book ahead to ensure your pets spot!

    • Reptiles of all kinds are welcome boarders, as are                 amphibians and inverts.
    • Small mammal boarding available. 
    • Bird & tortoise boarding based on the situation. 

    Where is SS&S located?

    I reside on the East side of Tucson, near the intersections of Golflinks & Pantano


    See the In-Home page for further information. 

    Leopard Gecko >

    David - "Chelsea is amazing, hands down! . . . She took amazing care of my little girl, was extremely professional, and even sent me pictures throughout my trip. She is beyond knowledgeable and I would recommend her service(s) to anyone looking for professional & caring individual to look after their reptiles. I will use her again within the next month for my next trip."