Enclosure Cleaning & Maintenance

    Bearded Dragon                             -                             Snake Enclosure                             -                             Budgie Flock    



Enclosure size: - Glass tanks, PVC, melamine or similar

Deep cleaning - Full removal of decor & substrate to clean each item and the enclosure.

Under 40gal . . . . . $20 - 40

40gal & Up . . . . . . . . $40+

Bird Cages $30+ with accessories/stands/aviaries


Regularly scheduled weekly care or cleaning prices would be

calculated at In-home Care rates vs. Periodic deep cleaning.

PLEASE  keep in mind, every home and situation

is different and prices will vary in accordance.

Contact me for a better price estimate.

If you already have scrubbers and cleaning supplies for your pet I am happy to use yours;

or I am able to provide my own cleaning supplies which are sanitized after each use.


Our pets deserve a clean and tidy home just like us! 

Reptiles big or small, birds of all kinds;

No matter the number of legs, or lack of, we want to help!

We love getting to know our individual clients and their pets that come

in so many shapes and personalities; our first priority is always the animal!

There are Additional Services available, check them out!

Cyclura lewisi hybrid iguana

Take a break & chill out,  

               Let SS&S take care of it!

Exotic pets are so diverse,

and so are our services!

Does your pets enclosure need a deep cleaning and scrubbing?


Or need assistance with

weekly maintenance? 


Maybe you have a large collection and just need some assistance

in catching up? 


 . . . Hire us hourly! $25-30 . . . 

We are always happy to do

the dirty work!