In-Home Care

Blue Tongue Skink &

Galah Cockatoo


In-Home Sitting:


In-home sitting will be tailored to your specific needs.

Number of pets will not* affect the price for in-home services. -Average 1 hr visits-


While we are happy to care for cats/dogs while at your home, additional visits specifically for cat/dog care will not be made.


Food prep, pet errands, taxi to vet and additional services are available.


Payment options & Printable PDF Care Agreement can be found on Services page

*If minimum time needed is over 1hr, additional charges

Cockatiel &

Honduran Milk snake


Your homes distance from the intersection

of  Golflinks / Pantano, zip 85710

Within  ~ 15miles   or   ~ 25minutes

  # of daily visits      1                         2                          3

                              $25-30+           $40-45+               $75+

Further than  ~ 16mi   or   ~ 30min+

  # of daily visits      1                         2

                               $30-50+             $60+

 Overnight  $100 

PLEASE  keep in mind, every home and situation is different

and prices will vary in accordance.


Contact me for a better price estimate

for your unique family!

I do my best to accommodate clients up to a roughly 45min drive time in any direction. If you are out of my range and are in need of In-Home sitting please still contact me as I may be able to help refer someone! 

While most sitters charge by how long they spend walking the dog, I charge In-Home Care by trip drive time. 
Rather than timing visits I will take as long as is needed to care for your critters thoroughly. Every home and animal gets the time and attention they deserve.   
*Visits generally last up to 1hr if needed, if minimum time needed is more than 1hr, additional charges for time

What does In-Home Care include?


For no additional fees:


 In-home care services also include things such as

mail/package collection, plant watering, trash cans

out and other basic necessities.

We do our best to keep everything running smoothly

while you're away!

Kathy - "Chelsea is knowledgeable, patient, pleasant, dependable....I have inherited my son's bird for a year, and Chelsea comes once a week to clean up after Rex. She has trimmed his nails, and helped me take Rex to the Vet. . . . She was the answer to my prayers!" 


Panther Chameleon, Adult male

          Going out of town and need daily or x2 daily visits?


          Just need someone to come by x2 weekly to clean

          and check the snakes?


          How about weekly maintenance for birds?


          Exotic pets are so diverse, and so are our services!