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Scaled Sitting & Services is honored to serve and care for all of Tucson's scaled, shelled, tailed, furred and feathered companions; including invertebrates! Whether you have just 1 lizard or 20, or maybe your tortoise weighs 100lbs, SS&S has you (and them) covered!

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Franz the Rhino Iguana, Cyclura cornuta


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 In-Home Care

• Enclosure Cleaning

   Medical Assistance  

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• Husbandry Consultations

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We strive to provide high-quality professional pet care with trustworthy, dependable and friendly service tailored to your specific needs. Reptiles and birds or other exotics require knowledge and specialized care. Don't take a chance with a neighbor, rest well knowing your pets and home are both being well cared for. Services range greatly and we will always do our best to assist however possible. 


 My name is Chelsea Richardson and I have spent the last several years taking every opportunity I could find to further my knowledge and hands on experience working with every type of animal I could. Wild or captive, from critically endangered iguanas, hefty snakes to pint-sized, raising young birds, hawks to hummingbirds, parrots and other unique species while keeping my focus on captive reptiles and pushing my own husbandry and care beyond the basics. 

 I keep several types and species of reptile, amphibian and inverts myself and work to keep up with leading husbandry practices and assist other keepers in navigating husbandry to ensure their animal, whatever that may be, will have a valued and enriched life. 


Husbandry: The science of caring for animals, term used to cover all aspects of care. From housing, lighting and diet to enrichment and medical care. 




I have worked in reptile rescue, zoos/live museums and wildlife rehab at Tucson Wildlife Center,  a nonprofit who has dedicated over 20 years of service to helping our local wildlife; doing every job from basic care and diet preps to assisting some wonderful exotic and avian vets. I have also been involved with countless public outreach & education events helping to reach the people and encourage them to find curiosity and excitement in our fellow critters, of all shapes and sizes.        The more you know, the less you squirm! 




I also had the pleasure of working with the best local and family owned exotics shop in Tucson, Ever Evolving Exotics and gained invaluable knowledge on proper husbandry that goes above & beyond 'the basics', worked with tools and supplies that are essential to reptile keeping and thoroughly enjoyed the vast range of species I helped care for. I am also thrilled to say I am a board member of Tucson Reptile Museum, a local nonprofit working towards the education about our native reptile and arthropod species and their conservation needs in an enthusiastic and positive light.  The Museum frequently attends community & private events and conventions to bring the education to the public.  




My husband and I have been in Southern AZ for 7 years now and it has been a true pleasure to meet the wonderful people and pets here and I look forward to continuing to serve Tucson's scaled and slithery companions for years to come!  



"Husbandry changes as we learn, and we as a herpetology community need to support each other and help new people learn what is actually best for our pets based on science and research.

Not what is easiest, cheapest or even what may be popular.

As we continue to move forward and observe our beloved reptiles, we as reptile keepers have to continually push ourselves to provide the best captive care possible as improved products and diet options become available.

Reptiles are complicated animals that have several specific needs that must be met; plus require space, dedication, money and specialized vet care.

They are intelligent creatures and deserve above minimum standards of  care.

Surviving and Thriving are not the same thing. Reptiles are masters of survival, they can survive in low quality environments for years, but they will certainly not thrive or live a long and enriched life. (Many reptiles have a long lifespan, with proper care many can live into their 20's and beyond.)" - Scaled S&S

Whatever species you call family, we'll help!

Madagascar Hognose


Leachianus Gecko

   Scarlet Macaw


Leopard Gecko

Fancy Rat

Desert Tortoise 

Bearded Dragon


Stripe Knee Tarantula