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My name is Chelsea Richardson and I have spent my life taking every opportunity I could find to further my knowledge and gain hands on experience working with every type of animal I could. Wild or captive, from critically endangered iguanas, venomous reptiles to huge constrictors, raising & rehabbing young birds to bobcats, forming relationships with parrots and other intelligent and unique species, all while keeping my focus on pushing my own husbandry and care beyond the basics. 

I have worked with reptile rescues, volunteered with Reid Park Zoo, worked with the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in animal care, free flight shows & public education outreach for our unique desert species.

I started as a volunteer and worked my way up to Assistant Manager at Tucson Wildlife Center,  a nonprofit who has dedicated over 20 years of service to helping every species of our local wildlife; doing every job from basic care and diet prep to assisting some wonderful certified exotic and avian vets. While there I was involved with countless public outreach & education events, encouraging people to find curiosity and excitement for our diverse ecosystem and critters of all shapes, sizes and any number of legs!

photo of myself wearing a rhino iguana graphic tshirt, with lark, the rhino iguana sitting on my shoulder

Lark, the Rhino Iguana

photo of myself wearing my tucson reptile museum shirt with a woma python wrapped around my neck

Raider, the Woma Python

Rattlesnake Avoidance Training for Dogs

I also had the pleasure of working with Ever Evolving Exotics and gained invaluable knowledge on proper husbandry that goes above & beyond ‘the basics’. 
I was also a board member of Tucson Reptile Museum, a nonprofit who worked to educate our community about our native reptile and arthropod species along with their conservation needs. 

I am proud to be one of Animal Experts Inc. team members; my main job being reptile removal and relocation.  I also work as the snake/toad handler for our trainers and do training as well for Rattlesnake Avoidance Dog Classes. More about this specialized training and my locations can be found here.

I decided to establish this pet sitting business in 2018 and it quickly became my life while still working my other part-time jobs and volunteering. No day is ever the same around here and that’s how I like it! 
If you’d like to hear about more adventures, working in the Cayman Islands or wrangling wild snakes,
check out my Blog below with a variety of content!

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Pet Snails

Snails?! Yes! Pet Snails bred for health & beauty, some snails sold as feeders for your exotics!

Kanahau, Utila Hondorus

Kanahau – Utila Research & Conservation Facility Utila, Hondorus 2017 Animal Caretaker, Herpetologist, Wildlife Services & Education

Baldur, Rottweiler on the left, Freya Rottweiler on the right, both sitting in green grass
Baldur & Freya, the House Guardians
Freya Rottweiler on left, Baldur Rottweiler on the right sitting next to each other in dirt backyard