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My name is Chelsea Richardson and I have spent my life taking every opportunity I could find to further my knowledge and gain hands on experience working with every type of animal I could. Wild or captive, from critically endangered iguanas, venomous reptiles to huge constrictors, raising & rehabbing young birds to bobcats, forming relationships with parrots and other intelligent and unique species, all while keeping my focus on pushing my own husbandry and care beyond the basics. 

I personally keep several species of reptile, amphibian and inverts and do my best to keep up with the leading husbandry practices and assist other keepers in navigating those complex needs to ensure their animal, whatever that may be, will have a valued and long life. 

I have worked with reptile rescues, volunteered with Reid Park Zoo, worked with the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in animal care, free flight shows & public education outreach for our unique desert species.

I started as a volunteer and worked my way up to Assistant Manager at Tucson Wildlife Center,  a nonprofit who has dedicated over 20 years of service to helping every species of our local wildlife; doing every job from basic care and diet prep to assisting some wonderful certified exotic and avian vets. While there I was involved with countless public outreach & education events, encouraging people to find curiosity and excitement for our diverse ecosystem and critters of all shapes, sizes and any number of legs!
The more you know, the less you squirm! 

photo of myself wearing a rhino iguana graphic tshirt, with lark, the rhino iguana sitting on my shoulder

Lark, the Rhino Iguana

photo of myself wearing my tucson reptile museum shirt with a woma python wrapped around my neck

Raider, the Woma Python

Rattlesnake Avoidance Training for Dogs

photo of myself with a large albino Burmese python draped around my shoulders and arm

Aries, Albino Burmese Python

I also had the pleasure of working with the best locally family-owned exotics shop in Tucson, Ever Evolving Exotics and gained invaluable knowledge on proper husbandry that goes above & beyond ‘the basics’. I worked with specialized tools and equipment that are essential to reptile keeping and thoroughly enjoyed the vast range of species I helped care for, as well as our customers who were always eager to learn.

I am thrilled to say I am also a board member of Tucson Reptile Museum, a local nonprofit working to educate our community about our native reptile and arthropod species along with their conservation needs.   The Museum frequently attends community & private events and conventions to bring awareness in an enthusiastic and positive light to all ages.

I also recently joined the team at Animal Experts Inc. wildlife trapping and relocation services with over 40 years of experience. I assist the community with snake ID, removal & relocation of snakes, and assist dog trainers as the snake handler for our Rattlesnake Avoidance Dog Classes

I decided to establish this pet sitting business in 2018 and it quickly became my life while still working my other part-time jobs and volunteering. No day is ever the same around here and that’s how I like it! 
If you’d like to hear about more adventures, working in the Cayman Islands or wrangling wild snakes,
check out my Blog below with a variety of content!

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Baldur, Rottweiler on the left, Freya Rottweiler on the right, both sitting in green grass
Baldur & Freya, the House Guardians
Freya Rottweiler on left, Baldur Rottweiler on the right sitting next to each other in dirt backyard