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​Scaled Sitting & Services is honored to serve and care for all of Tucson's scaled, shelled, tailed, furred and feathered companions; no matter the number of legs! Whether you have a lounge of lizards, a bale of turtles, or maybe a den of snakes, SS&S has you (and them) covered!

Scaled Sitting currently provides boarding services for reptiles; new clients accepted.

-No new bird or small mammal clients at this time- check out In-Home Bird Grooming though!

We are also no longer doing In-client home pet
care, please reach out to the alternative sitter.

Alternative Sitter: Alex Huang
In-home Visits, some Boarding;  Dog, Cat, Bird, & Reptile; Bird Grooming Service, Vet Tech

Anthony D – Chelsea is awesome! She cared for our bearded dragon when we were out of town and really put our mind at ease. We got regular updates and she did some grooming for us. Highly recommend!


Scaled Sitting strives to provide high-quality professional pet care with trustworthy, dependable and friendly service tailored to your specific needs. Reptiles and birds or other exotics require knowledge and specialized care. Don’t take a chance, rest well knowing your pets and home are both being well cared for. Services range greatly and we will always do our best to assist however possible. 

Husbandry: The science of caring for animals, term used to cover all aspects of care, from housing, lighting and diet to enrichment and medical care. 

“Husbandry changes as we learn, we as exotic keepers and as a community should strive to continually improve how we care for our pets & help others along the way.
Reptiles and birds are complex animals that have a wide array of specific needs and dietary requirements. We should always pursue knowledge and evolve our care practices based on scientific based studies; to improve their lives as new products, more diverse food options and specialized vet care become accessible & achievable.
Surviving ≠ Thriving. Reptiles especially are masters of survival, they can exist in low quality environments for years, but they will certainly not thrive or live an enriched life. Majority of exotics can live 20+years with good husbandry, and 50+years with exceptional care and a bit of luck. They are intelligent creatures and deserve the above minimum standards of  care.”
– Scaled S&S

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Finding an experienced pet sitter for your exotic pets has never been easier!


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Scaled Sitting & Services boarded and took excellent care of our veiled chameleon. Chelsea is professional, knowledgeable, respectful & cares greatly for animals. As new chameleon owners, we had many questions about our pet & Chelsea provided expert information & tips.


Chelsea is the best! So glad we found her she watched our crested gecko while on vacation! I highly recommend her! She knows reptiles and she sent us photos and updates while we were gone. We didn’t have any worries knowing our gecko was in great hands! Thank you Chelsea we will be using your services in the future!

Ina F.
blue tongue skink
young blue iguana on branches basking under light
bearded dragon with greens stuck to face

"Chelsea is amazing, hands down! . . . She took amazing care of my little girl, was extremely professional, and even sent me pictures throughout my trip. She is beyond knowledgeable and I would recommend her service(s) to anyone looking for professional & caring individual to look after their reptiles. I will use her again within the next month for my next trip."

David S.

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"I could count the number of people I would trust with my eclectic family of pets. Highly recommend is an understatement: Chelsea is hands down the best exotics sitter in Tucson."

Brittany H.

blue and green conure bird in cage sitting on rope perch with one foot raised

"Chelsea is knowledgeable, patient, pleasant, dependable....I have inherited my son's bird for a year, and Chelsea comes once a week to clean up after Rex. She has trimmed his nails, and helped me take Rex to the Vet. . . . She was the answer to my prayers!"

Kathy D.

"Scaled Sitting and Services is a perfect example of the highest level of expertise, professionalism and tender loving care. No worries... your beloved pet will be in good hands here! Chelsea is absolutely awesome and cared for our pet chameleon, Carlo, for 2 weeks like he was her own. She even texted us several times with photos of Carlo showing how well he was doing! It's obvious Chelsea has a passion for her work. I've been a reptile owner for several decades and have met many "experts" during that time. Chelsea is right up there with the best of the best! At first we were a little nervous because chameleons are notoriously "high maintenance". Chelsea knew EXACTLY what to do (she even shared several great tips on how we can care for him better at home). She has a truly impressive nuanced knowledge of species-specific reptile care... the kind of practical knowledge that can only come from years of hands-on experience. Bottom line: If you're looking for a safe and nurturing sitting service for ANY reptile, you won't find a better place than Scaled Sitting and Services. The only downside is your scaled buddy may not want to go home!"

Matt O.

Whatever species you call family, we'll help!