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Exotic Pet Care Services


Dedicated pet boarding room in my own home! 

Boarding Info & FAQ

Reptiles of all kinds are welcome boarders, as are amphibians & inverts

Bird boarding is limited availability

Tortoise boarding – inside enclosures only, no outdoor

Small mammal boarding is very limited

No hidden back rooms, you see exactly where your pet will be! Daily care, cleaning & feeding; they are cared for just like my own pets while here!

Boarding info:

  • Pets stay in the ‘boarding room’ in my own home, kept separate from any personal pets.
  • Cleaning protocols are followed for each boarder. Tanks, bowls, etc. are scrubbed  and soaked in F10, vet grade cleaner, between uses. 
  • Scaled Sitting provides majority of setups and supplies; in most cases (reptile) you just bring your pet and maybe their favorite hide, we’ll provide the rest!
  • Food is also included in overall boarding cost! A variety of feeder insects and a rotating menu of fresh herbivore foods always available.
  • Birds – Enclosure & supplies must come with! 
    Small Mammal – Enclosure & supplies must come with!

Personalized daily care and cleaning,
a true ‘in-home’ experience. 

You will be provided with photos
and updates of your pet during their stay!

Where are you located?

I reside on the East side of Tucson,
near the intersection of
Golflinks & Pantano, 85710

Pricing Info

Reptiles, amphibians & insects..
Boarding costs cover space used, length of stay, convenience of pet drop off, specialized supplies, variety of foods, cleaning time, years of experience & supporting a small local one person business.
Exotics require specialized care, enjoy your trip knowing they are in good hands!
Bird & Mammal Pricing Below ⬇
  • 40-50gal setups, provided by Scaled Sitting most frequently
    Can bring your own enclosure if necessary in special cases
  • 20-30gal setups
    Can be provided by us, or bring your own enclosure
  • Tortoise box setups, 2x3ft
    Can be provided by us, or bring your own enclosure.
    No outside tortoise boarding available. They must be small enough to be indoors.
Boarding more than one pet?
Each pet after 1 gets 10%
off their stay!
Long-term boarding available!
  • Screen cages or enclosures
    with aquatic elements

    Screen chameleon enclosures or tanks with special aquatic features must come with pet. Price will be determined by size, see other sections.
  • 5-10gal or less
    Bug or other small specialized setups must come with pet
  • 50gal+ Xlarge enclosures
    Big pet? If enclosure is transportable, it can be brought with. Xlarge enclosures can be provided on a limited basis by Scaled Sitting.

Check out our reviews and photos of boarders in the Testimonials & Gallery!

Pricing Info

Birds & Small Mammal
Due to variety of exotic species, prices may vary.

– All Bird and Mammal setups must be transportable here and provided with the animal. Dry diet, fresh food, perches, toys and other necessities should come with.

* Cages & items should be clean upon drop-off. Cages and supplies are thoroughly cleaned before pick-up. *

  • ‘Small’ Size; 2ft enclosures
Cockatiels, budgies & other small species.
  •  ‘Medium’ Size; 3x4ft enclosures
Most bird enclosures; Greys, amazons, cockatoos, etc.
  • ‘Large’ Size; 5x4ft+ enclosures
Large species; Macaws or just xlarge enclosures.

A true in-home boarding experience – daily enrichment; music, tv cartoons and more. Fresh chop and individual attention are provided throughout the day, along with supervised time out of enclosures when possible.

Bird and mammal boarding is priced higher due to level of care, cleaning and individual interaction necessary to provide a positive boarding experience for your pet. 
I have a solid background with a wide range of birds and small mammal;
I take safety precautions in my home very seriously!

Check out our reviews and photos
of boarders in the Testimonials & Gallery!
Bird grooming also available!


What really pleased me was that she went beyond just feeding them. She cleaned their homes and accessories to practically brand new fresh out of the package levels! Her knowledge and professionalism are beyond reproach! She also taught me new ways to make my critters even happier!

Kate M.


The idea of giving up our baby bird for a week was pretty frightening, but our vet highly recommended Chelsea. She was totally correct. Chelsea was professional, the room where the bird stayed in was spotless. We were sent photos every day. I think she did everything for the bird except put chocolate on her pillow at night. In fact I think it was my biggest worry after a while that the bird would like Chelsea more than she liked us. I hope we are lucky enough to use her services again. I’m sure our bird feels that way too.

Jeff K.


Chelsea took great care of my English Budgies and Betta fish while we were gone for Thanksgiving vacation. She sent regular updates and pictures so I knew my babies were happy. I will definitely use her again.  

Jackie L.

Chelsea was amazing at caring for Albert. She was so accommodating for a large iguana and on sorta last min notice too. I got updates and pix from her the next day too describing his eating and behavior. I was a bit nervous BC Of his history of having been abandoned and then rescued, having had major surgery and then fostered until he found his forever home with me… I didn’t want him to be too stressed. Chelsea took such amazing care of him that he was actually very calm and content when I came to pick him up. I highly recommend Scaled sitting services LLC for all of your exotic pet care needs when you are away. Your animal family members will definitely, without a doubt, be in the best of care with Chelsea.

Mo B.

Albert the Sweetwater Wetlands Iguana Rescue;
read more about his story and life saving surgery