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Exotic Pet Care Services


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Dedicated pet boarding room in my own home! 

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Boarding Info & FAQ

Dedicated Boarding Room

Bearded dragon outside in green foliage looking up towards the sky

Reptiles of all kinds are welcome boarders, as are amphibians and inverts.

*Small mammal, bird and adult tortoise boarding is NOT currently available* – Young / small tortoises may be able to board with inside enclosure –

Boarding info:

  • Boarding pets stay in the ‘boarding room’ at my own home, kept separate from any personal pets.
  • In most cases, SS&S will provide feeder insects and most herbivore food for no  additional cost. You’re welcome  to provide your pets own food.  Special requests will cost individually.
  • You have the option to just bring your pet and use our supplied enclosures and décor items, or you can choose to bring your own enclosure setup. Price points differ slightly.
  • Cleaning protocols are followed for each boarder. Tanks, bowls, etc. are scrubbed  and soaked in F10 cleaner between uses. 

Where are you located?

I reside on the East side of Tucson,
near the intersection of
Golflinks & Pantano, 85710


Pricing Info

Reptiles, amphibians & insects..
Due to variety of exotic species, prices vary based on setup and animal. 

**Prices are for enclosure setup provided by SS&S,
if you bring your own setup, the price is roughly 10% less
than what is shown.**     Contact us for an individual price quote.

  • 40-50gal setups, provided by SS&S most frequently. 
    Option to bring your own enclosure; larger setups can be hard to move but may be necessary in some cases.
  • 18x18x24 front opening enclosures,
    Option to bring your own enclosure.

Boarding more than one pet?

Each pet after 1 gets 10%
off their stay!

*Currently NOT Boarding New Client Bird
or Small Mammals!*

  • Enclosures 5-10gal or less, bug setups or other small possibly specialized setups are provided by owners with the animal.
  • 20-30gal setups, can be provided by SS&S, you just bring the animal; or bring your own enclosure and items with your animal.

Mutli-month, long boarding discount!

Pricing Info for

Bird and Small Mammal
Due to variety of exotic species,
prices vary based on setup and animal.

FAQ & Info For Birds to Mammal

  • Bird & mammal boarding is limited on space.
  • Not available for xL birds, cockatoo max size.

  • Let’s be real, birds and small mammal pets take considerable more space, cleaning time, supplies and overall daily attention than reptiles do.
    These pets are even further specialized; I have a solid background with a range of birds and small mammals, and I take safety precautions in my home seriously.

  • Owners must understand the risk of stress with birds and mammals such as rabbits. Even in a stress free, home-environment animals may experience a decompression period to adjust; in majority of cases I find this on average only takes 2/3 days.  

A true in-home boarding experience – varied daily enrichment from toys, listening to music or watching tv, fresh foods and individual attention are provided throughout everyday, along with supervised time out of enclosures.

  • Screen enclosures & setup, small to xlarge;
    Screen type enclosures and setup must be provided by owners with the animal.
  • 77gal Vision enclosure, 3ftx29inx18in
    Snakes – Lizards
  • 200gal Vision enclosure, 6ftx3ftx18in
    Snakes – Lizards

– All birds and most small mammal setups must be transportable here and provided with the animal, dry diets and bedding should also be brought with. 
** Please have all items and enclosure
cleaned before drop off. **

  • ‘Small’ Size; Roughly 2×2-3ft enclosures
  • ‘Medium’ Size; Roughly 2-3x4ft enclosures 
  • ‘Large’ Size; Roughly 4-5x4ft+ enclosures

Additional Spaces – like bird play-stands or pop-up playpens for mammal are welcomed but will push the boarding price to the slightly higher end of the estimations for additional space needed.

Small mammal boarding available. 


Tortoises, unless small enough to be in a tank, must be In-Home Care. Adult torts do not do well being taken out of their known territory. 

Bird boarding is limited
& based on situation.

Boarding prices are based on space used (enclosure sizes), and animal requirements. Bird and mammal boarding is priced higher due to more advanced levels of care, cleaning and individual interaction necessary to provide a positive boarding experience for your pet. 

Personalized daily care
and cleaning, a true
‘in-home’ experience. 

You will be provided with
photos and updates of
your pet during their stay!

Chelsea was amazing at caring for Albert. She was so accommodating for a large iguana and on sorta last min notice too. I got updates and pix from her the next day too describing his eating and behavior. I was a bit nervous BC Of his history of having been abandoned and then rescued, having had major surgery and then fostered until he found his forever home with me… I didn’t want him to be too stressed. Chelsea took such amazing care of him that he was actually very calm and content when I came to pick him up. I highly recommend Scaled sitting services LLC for all of your exotic pet care needs when you are away. Your animal family members will definitely, without a doubt, be in the best of care with Chelsea.

Mo B.

Albert the Sweetwater Wetlands Iguana Rescue;
read more about his story and life saving surgery

hermit crab

Top-notch, I've never left my beardie away from home before. Chelsea was knowledgeable and professional. Won’t hesitate to use her again, highly recommended.

Carol N.

leopard gecko facing camera

Chelsea is the best! I needed emergency care for my snakes and from drop-off to pick, Chelsea was kind, professional, knowledgeable, and reliable. I never would have imagined that I’d get sleepover pictures and updates for my animals. At pickup time, we were able to figure out what was triggering some of my ball python’s behavior issues, and she offered alternative handling and activity options. I can’t recommend Scaled Sitting & Services enough. Thank you so much, Chelsea!

Melissa W.

leopard gecko with heart shape on nose, being held in a hand

Chelsea is a great lizard sitter. She knows a lot about reptiles, and she gave me all kinds of recommendations for improving the setup for my leopard gecko, Sweetie. Also, she takes beautiful photos!

Laural S.