Bird Grooming

Light yellow and grey cockatiel with one wing stretched downwards, green background
catalina macaw, orange blue and green, perched on forearm, sign in background reads beware of attack parrot

Our services are as diverse as your unique pets!

green iguana head side angle, single orange sweet pepper is resting on iguanas head
Overgrown Pionus beak, Before & After

"It is difficult to find a pet-sitter able to medicate reptiles, especially those that are not socialized. Chelsea did an excellent job and I will definitely use her for my pet-sitting needs in the future."

Elaine P.
six different varieties of Pangea flavor mixes

Vet Taxi & Medical Assistance

No additional cost for medical assistance such as injections, oral meds etc. as prescribed by vet.

At SS&S we believe that if you have already taken the steps to get your pet vet care and treatment, that is what is important. Vet care can be costly, we won’t charge extra to help them get better! 

Vet Taxi to Appointments
Drop-off or we stay the whole exam and help facilitate care & communication between our client and their vets. -Base price of $40.

Recommended Exotic Clinics:
Orange Grove Animal Hospital
Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital

rhino iguana on medical table during vet exam, stethoscope being used, orange grove animal hospital

Husbandry Consultations

Most people’s lives don’t fully revolve around reptiles, let alone trying to keep up with all the new information. Let’s talk and I’ll help guide you to reliable resources, answer questions and spark new ideas on how to give your pets the best lives. Best of all, any suggestions or changes I give, I’ll explain the reasons and details behind why!  My only goal is to help you figure it all out.

Husbandry consultations are free with use of another service.

In-home visits specific to husbandry talk will be based off  In-home  drive distance. 

Food Prep & Options

Your pets can expect a fresh and diverse menu while in our care;
a varied diet is the spice of life! 

Salads:  6+ varieties of greens washed and cut to size + variety of fresh veggies and fruit!

Insectivores:  SS&S raises many of our own feeder insects, maybe the insectivores can try something new!

*Fresh foods & insects only available to those using a service*

Reptiles big or small, birds of all kinds;

No matter the number of legs, or lack of, we want to help!

We love getting to know our individual clients and their pets that come in so many shapes and personalities; our first priority is always the animal!

Exotic pets are so diverse, and so are our services!

lewisi hybrid iguana face sticking out from under dark blue towel, white flooring

Take a break and chill out;

let SS&S take care of it!

brown and cream colored Guinea pig eating salad

You will never find a better sitter for your animals than Chelsea. Extremely knowledgeable and honest. She truly loves every animal! Highly recommend.

Laurie B.

red eyed tree frog clinging to glass, green plants in foreground

Chelsea did a great job caring for several of my aquatic turtles and large frog viv' for the week. Definitely recommend!

Jeff L.

Enclosure Deep Cleaning

*In addition to use of a main service*

Enclosure size: - Glass tanks, PVC, melamine or similar

Ms. Richardson is a fantastic pet sitter, and accommodated my pet without any trouble.

Derek H.

If you already have scrubbers and cleaning supplies for your pet I am happy to use yours; or I am able to provide my own cleaning supplies which are sanitized after each use.


Our pets deserve a clean and tidy home just like us! 

decor items, wood pieces and dishes all inside a shower, caption is cleaning day